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Written on February 22, 2019   By   in Health & Fitness

Four Significant benefits of horny goat weed

Horny goat weed (also referred to as Epimedium or yin yang huo) is a Chinese herb that has gained popularity for treating various kinds of ailments for centuries now. The amusing name was coined in reference to male goats which, according to old Chinese beliefs, have incredible sexual prowess. This herb has also been used by both men and women in China in hopes of improving their sexual performance.

Here are four specific health benefits of horny goat weedhealth benefits offered by horny goat weed:

Improved Health for Males

One of the key benefits of horny goat weed health uses of horny goat weed is treating erectile dysfunction. It is believed that general blood flow in the body is energized by the herb, and that includes blood flow in the genitals. Horny goat weed opposes enzymatic action that regulates blood flow to the male organ – the exact same benefit that commercial medications (for instance, Viagra) deliver. Horny goat weed also increases testosterone levels in males, further improving sexual health. But remember that the role of testosterone is not purely sexual; the benefits of horny goat weed also it can also affect a mans overall health, particularly his ability to maintain good muscle mass and energy levels.

Improved Health for Females

Horny goat weed has stores of phytoestrogens, which are the equivalent of hormonal estrogen found in plants. These compounds have been associated with reduced menopausal symptoms and bone density maintenance, as well as reduced incidences of hormone-related cancers like breast cancer. In menopause, a woman experiences a drop in estrogen levels, causing a range of uncomfortable symptoms such as high cholesterol, weight gain, insomnia and the like. One of the most important horny goat weed benefits in women is Phytoestrogens can help increaseing estrogen levels through phytoestrogens, thereby reliving some of these symptoms without side effects akin to those that come with synthetic hormone replacement.

Prevention of Osteoporosis

Women in post-menopause can help prevent gradual bone loss and osteoporosis by as one of the several horny goat weed benefitssupplementing on horny goat weed. In osteoporosis, bones have holes and are weakened by various contributing factors. Studies show there are at least ten million Americans who have osteoporosis, and 80% of them are women. This can be scientifically explained by the fact that females have smaller and thinner bones because of lower estrogen levels in post-menopause. Osteoporosis makes them prone to broken bones and fractures, which, in turn, predispose them to infection and other medical complications as they grow older. But as one of the long list of horny goat weed benefits, this potential scenario can be controlled.


Inflammation is the bodys natural way of preventing infection or any damage that an acute injury, such as a cut or wound, may cause. It only takes a few days for this type of inflammation to go away, but low-grade inflammation that results from constant exposure to environmental triggers, like alcohol intake, stress and pollution, can usher in several medical conditions like diabetes, cancer, etc. Such a progression can be prevented as one of the many horny goat weed benefits. with the help of horny goat weed.